Quarq Shockwiz Rental

Quarq ShockWiz

You have just spent all your hard earned money on a new squish bike and you want to get the most out of your suspension. It looks like the Quarq ShockWiz will be your best friend. Lucky for you, we offer a rental program so that you can get the benefit of having your suspension dialed without having to buy the product. Check out the specific details below and contact us directly if you are interested in renting the this ShockWiz.

ShockWiz Rental Guidelines

  • Rental fee is $75.00 for 5 days. United States rental ONLY. Not PR
  • We will include a return shipping label for return shipping.
  • Your credit card will automatically be authorized for $299.99 plus the $75.00 rental fee.
  • If unit is not returned before the 5 day rental period, card will be charged the $299.99 for full value, then that charge will be dropped as soon as the unit is returned undamaged.
  • All zip ties and hardware will be included.
  • Please contact us immediately to reserve yours and see about availability.